Baltimore Sun Article on Climate-Dust features recently published H.Yu-led study

The Baltimore Sun published a health-related feature in April 2013, which highlighted the results of a recently published study led by ESSIC Associate Research Scientist, Hongbin Yu.

The paper, authored by Yu and a team of NASA, UMBC, and UMCP scientists was published by Science Magazine in August 2012. The study presented data derived from NASA satellite observations, that estimates the amount of airborne particles reaching North America from oversees is comparable to the total mass of particulates emitted domestically.

“Our study is the first measurement-based estimate of total contribution of oversea aerosols to the entire air shed over North America,” said Yu.

The Sun wrote that “In both its method and conclusion, the study represented a departure from previous research on the transcontinental movement of so-called “aerosols” —fine particles suspended in the atmosphere.”

The study also presents the potential for climate impacts from the sum total of domestic and imported airborne particles, including surface dimming, changes in atmospheric stability, and the altering of cloud and precipitation processes.

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