Biddle Supports Automated GLOS Data Archiving at NODC

ESSIC Faculty Research Assistant Mathew Biddle, in support of the National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC), helped to facilitate the completion of a joint project to archive data automatically from the Great Lakes Observing System (GLOS).   The first data set archived under the new automated process is titled "Oceanographic and surface meteorological data collected from station ATW20 by University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and assembled by Great Lakes Observing System (GLOS) in the Great Lakes region from 2014-07-01 to 2014-07-31 (NODC Accession 0123639)."   Each month, NODC will initiate the automated process to archive all the station data assembled by GLOS during the previous month. The location of the associated archival packages is available at the following link