Blog post by Kenney advisee published by Sea Grant Maryland

A blog post titled “Why the Ocean Means So Much to Me” was recently posted to Sea Grant Maryland’s site by Daniel Teodoro, a Department of Geographical Sciences Ph.D. student advised by ESSIC / CICS-MD Associate Research Professor Melissa Kenney and GEOG Associate Professor Christina Prell.

The piece describes Teodoro’s personal connection to the ocean growing up on the Pacific Coast of El Salvador as well as his current endeavors to understand the complexities of the coastal ecosystem and the multi-level network of managers that interact with coastal livelihoods.

In addition to her role as an Associate Research Professor with ESSIC / CICS-MD, Kenney is an affiliate at the Department of Geographical Sciences.  Her research focuses on participatory processes and tools to advance environmental decision support science by integrating scientific knowledge and societal values into decision-making under uncertainty.

To read the full blog post, click here: “Why the Ocean Means So Much to Me”.