Brown Published in Ecological Forecasting Initiative Blog

ESSIC/CISESS Visiting Research Scientist Christopher Brown recently wrote a blog entitled “Making Ecological Forecasts Operational: Some Lessons Learned By NOAA” for the Ecological Forecasting Initiative (EFI) website as a member of the EFI Knowledge Transfer and Partners Working Group.

The contents are a consolidation of ‘lessons learned’ from a 2014 unpublished study conducted by NOAA’s Ecological Forecasting Roadmap.  The study compared ecological forecasting projects that had been successfully transitioned to operations with those that languished or failed in order to identify common characteristics related to the success or failure of the transition.

In addition to his role at ESSIC/CISESS, Brown is currently a member of STAR’s Satellite Climate Studies Branch and an Affiliate Research Scientist with the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.  An oceanographer, Brown uses satellite remote sensing and modeling to document, understand and predict biological patterns and their consequences at local to global scales.

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