Busalacchi expertise cited in The Guardian

ESSIC Director/AOSC Professor Antonio Busalacchi was once again featured for his expertise in the effects of climate change on the wine industries of the world, this time in The Guardian.

The article focused primarily on the wine growing regions of France, and what climate change means for their wine-reliant economy.

Since grapevines produce grapes for wine production for about 25-50 years, growers need to consider the long-term effects of global climate change on their region, Busalacchi said.

According to Busalacchi, geographical location is a big determining factor in how hard each vineyard will be hit. For example, vineyards at higher altitudes or ones located close to oceans experience more consistency in growing seasons, and therefore will be less affected by heat waves, hail storms and other extreme weather events that could hinder wine production almost instantly.

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