Busalacchi attends climate change conference at Fondation des Treilles

Professor Antonio Busalacchi, ESSIC Director was an invited participant as part of a US delegation to the Fondation des Treilles hosted conference entitled, “Climate Change with an emphasis on Iran.”  The event which was held from October 19 – 24, 2015 in Tourtour, France  was organized by Professor Glenn Schweitzer, the US National Academy of Sciences Director for the Program on Central Europe and Eurasia, in coordination with the French Academy of Sciences and a delegation of climate scientists from Iran. The Fondation des Treilles was founded by the late Mme Anne Gruner Schlumberger as a location in Provence for important high level meetings of a kind that had proved difficult to hold elsewhere. Scholars from different disciplines meet in residence at Les Treilles over a period of one to several weeks to discuss themes of international significance.