Busalacchi quote in Businessweek

ESSIC professor and Director Antonio Busalacchi spoke to Bloomberg News for a Businessweek article about the changing landscape of the wine industry.

The article, “Raise a Glass of Scottish Wine to Global Climate Changes”, published Wednesday, details how global warming is effecting the location, techniques, and types grape agriculture. The article explained how rising temperatures are not only increasing the time in which grapes can ripen, thereby making them sweeter and the wine they produce more alcoholic, but also shifting the landscape of where grapes can be grown to higher latitudes, such as Scotland, and elevations.

Busalacchi, who is also a climate scientist and advanced sommelier, discussed the changing style of grapes grown in Bordeaux, France, one of the largests growing areas in the country. Busalacchi said the current climate in France is allowing for riper grapes to come out of Bordeaux, but added that, if climate change trends continue, the aroma profile of the wine may change.

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