Busalacchi quoted in recent articles on El Niño, Jason-3

ESSIC Director Professor Antonio Busalacchi was quoted in two recently published articles.  The first from NASA’s on-line Earth Observatory “Image of the Day” featured entitled, “El Niño Should Be Near Its Peak,” highlighted imagery and comments from scientists regarding the state of the current El Niño event.  Busalacchi noted that the event’s precipitation levels had thus far followed classic El Niño patterns.  The second article from IEEE’s Earthzine provided insight into NASA’s new Jason-3 satellite launched earlier this month.  The piece entitled, “Jason-3 Satellite Brings Climate Data to New Heights,” discussed how the capabilities of the new instrument will improve upon the technology of its predecessors, Jason-1 and Jason-2.   Busalacchi, who’d worked on research for the NASA TOPEX mission–which preceded Jason-1–noted that within the context of Earth remote sensing, Jason-3 was a model of international collaboration.