Busalacchi speaks at Big Science workshop in Ireland

ESSIC Director and Council on the Environment Chair, Antonio Busalacchi, recently participated in a two-day workshop in Cork, Ireland, where he spoke on the role of the oceans in climate.

The workshop was attended by a group of approximately 30 scientists, who met to discuss how Ireland – a country of comparatively small size – can utilize its own unique resources to participate in “big science.” The workshop was co-chaired by UM Vice President of Research Pat O’Shea.

“This was an initial dialogue of scientists from around the world looking at what’s been done in other countries and what are the strengths and unique capabilities that Ireland would have to offer in this regard”, Busalacchi said.

In his talk, Busalacchi referenced his research experiences with Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay, as an example of multi stressors across the atmosphere, ocean, land and ecosystem.

At the conclusion of the event, the researchers surmised that Ireland could in fact develop “big science in-roads,” by focusing on its own marine environment, which is central to a country surrounded by water and as a gateway to Western Europe.

The next step for Ireland is to begin focusing their efforts, based on the conclusions and recommendations of the workshop participants.