Busalacchi to Serve Fourth Term as ESSIC Director

In a recent broadcast email from Dr. Jayanth Banavar, Dean of the University of Maryland, College of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences (CMNS), it was announced that Professor Antonio Busalacchi will continue in his current leadership capacity, as Director of the Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center (ESSIC). This continuation marks Busalacchi’s fourth successive term as Director of the Center, since joining the University of Maryland in September of 2000.

“I always thought I would serve two terms, three at most,” said Busalacchi. “I never considered the possibility of a 4th term, so I’m very appreciative of the dean, provost and vice president of research to give me this opportunity.”

Busalacchi also cited the support of co-workers and colleagues, as being instrumental in receiving the offer to return for a fourth term.

“I wouldn’t have been offered a 4th term without the support from the faculty, staff and the NOAA and NASA partnership. So I am very appreciative of that,” Busalacchi said.

With each term-length lasting five years, Busalacchi is hopeful that existing Center relationships can be furthered during his next cycle as Director.

“I would like to solidify and further our relationship with NOAA and NASA and other agencies and partners, as well as work with and help to develop a presence here at M Square,” says Busalacchi.

M Square is the University’s research park and is host to a number of other research agencies, including ESSIC partner, the NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction (NCWCP). Busalacchi’s leadership was instrumental in relocating the Center from the main UMCP campus to M Square in May of 2008.

Banavar concluded his announcement message with some accolades of his own, in support of Busalacchi’s continuation as ESSIC Director.

“Tony has been an inspiring leader and has played a key role in improving the quality and visibility of ESSIC research,” said Banavar.

Busalacchi begins his 4th term as ESSIC Director in September 2015.