Busalacchi urges development precaution in WTOP interview

Dr. Antonio Busalacchi spoke with WTOP Radio on Monday concerning the potential for future flooding in the Metropolitan area, and urged precaution regarding how land is used and developed and how roads will be constructed.

“We just look at the weather that we’ve seen in recent years and recent decades, I think a lot of people understand that there’s something different going on” Dr. Busalacci told WTOP. “The decisions we make now, will impact us for decades to come.”

Busalacchi, along with a group including Stuart Freudberg, Director of Environmental Programs at the Washington area Council of Governments and Dr. Don Boesch, from the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, gathered Monday at the Council of Governments headquarters in Washington, D.C. to discuss plans to deal with climate change.

The group said the local impact of climate change is already evident in more flooding, more severe storms, and in recent years, more droughts, according to WTOP.

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