CICS Holds BiAnnual Executive Meeting

The Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellites (CICS) held its biannual executive board meeting October 1, 2012 to discuss the current status of the institute and to begin preparations for its scheduled review in November of this year.

The executive board, which consists of senior scientists and managers, provides potential advice and feedback to the institute directors, with respect to both current activities and future direction. The meeting was chaired by CICS Executive Director Dr. Phillip Arkin, who provided an updated status report on the institute to the board.

Later, the executive board counseled CICS staff on its preparations for the upcoming institute review.

The review process, which was scheduled between the third and fourth year of operations, evaluates the institute’s performance. If the review confirms the institute is well maintained and fulfilling its mission, it’s granted another five year award to continue its operations. ¬†As CICS was originally funded for five year of operations in calendar year 2009, the review was predetermined to take place in early November 2012.

The next scheduled CICS executive board meeting will be held in 2013.