DARA releases grim report of climate change effects by 2030

Global warming will kill more than 100 million people and cause a 3.2 percent dip in world gross domestic product by 2030 if nothing is done to stop it, according to a report released by 20 governments.

The report was commissioned by DARA, a partnership of 20 developing countries threatened by climate change. It says that 90 percent of the deaths caused by extreme weather, drought and rising sea levels will occur in developing nations.

The organization also warned that, although the world’s poorest nations are the most vulnerable as they will face an increased threat of drought, crop failure and disease, the largest and most rapidly developing countries will feel the heat too. The U.S and China could both see a 2.1 percent reduction in their GDPs by 2030, while India could see more than a 5 percent loss.

To view the full report, visit http://daraint.org/climate-vulnerability-monitor/climate-vulnerability-monitor-2012/