Digital Solutions for Sustainable Oceans: 6th GEO Blue Planet Symposium

A photo from the GEO Blue Planet Symposium
A photo from the GEO Blue Planet Symposium. Photo: Emily Smail

The 6th GEO Blue Planet Symposium, organized with the support of ESSIC/CISESS Scientist and GEO Blue Planet Executive Director Emily Smail, was held from October 31 to November 2 in Seoul, Republic of Korea. The event, which brought together a global community focused on “Digital Solutions for Sustainable Oceans”, was a resounding success.


Hosted by the Korea Maritime Institute (KMI), this event marked a significant step forward in ocean and coastal sustainability where each day was planned by distinct activities and objectives. The first day, themed around Ocean and Coastal Challenges, began with insightful keynotes and plenary sessions, focusing on the pressing issues in the Asia-Pacific region and the integration of digital solutions for sustainable ocean management. The second day’s workshops were designed to focus on specific thematic areas, including marine litter, fisheries, bathymetry, coastal adaptation planning, fostering collaborative discussions and scientific advancements. The third day’s Symposium Forum synthesized the learnings, emphasizing the role of the newly established GEO Blue Planet Asian Secretariat at Korea Maritime Institute (KMI) in enhancing regional cooperation. 


Looking ahead, the symposium set a strategic direction for future initiatives, aiming to strengthen the global commitment to preserving our oceans through enhanced digital integration and collaborative efforts. This is expected to amplify activities not only in the Asia-Pacific but also globally, contributing significantly to the broader goal of oceanic conservation and sustainability.