Ide appointed at ESSIC

Dr. Kayo Ide, an associate professor at the University of Maryland, is now officially an appointed researcher at ESSIC.

“My area of research is two-fold: one is data assimilation and the other is data analysis,” said Ide, whose research interests concern the dynamics of the atmosphere and oceans. “I have a background in math and engineering, so I’m applying those techniques to a scientific data system.”

Ide will now split her time between ESSIC, Atmospheric and Oceanic Science (AOSC), the Center for Scientific Computation and Mathematical Modeling (CSCAMM), and the Institute of Physical Science and Technology (IPST).

Ide said she is most excited for the collaborations that will come about from her acceptance into ESSIC, and she is really excited to join and create more connections with scientists from multiple research backgrounds.

“The ESSIC program is a wonderful platform for me to go between academia and operation systems, such as NOAA, and research programs,” said Ide. “It has a lot of NASA and NOAA people that are collaborating there already through CICS, so it would be much easier to collaborate [with them].”

Kayo said that she is about to embark on an exciting project with NOAA that will evaluate the effects of satellite data, providing links between operating data systems and the assimilation programs through Observing System Simulation Experiments (OSSEs).