Travel Authorization Request (TAR): Interactive Travel Authorization Request form

Travel Expense Statement (TES): Interactive Travel Expense Statement form

Room Reservation Form: Interactive Room Reservation form

Request for Payroll Action: Interactive payroll action request form (pdf)

Purchase Requisition Request: Interactive Purchase Request form

Data Collection Form: Interactive New Hire Data Collection form (pdf)

Foreign Person Screening Form: Foreign Person Screening form (pdf)

On-line ESSIC Fax Cover Sheet: Interactive fax cover sheet (pdf)

Travel Voucher (MSWD/XLS): Legacy Travel Voucher forms (zip-file)

UMD Office of Human Resources: Main form achieve of the Office of Human Resources: Benefits, Retirement, Reimbursement, Training Term Life/Disability

College of Computer, Mathematical, & Natural Sciences (CMNS):Form achieve for the College of Computer, Mathematical, & Natural Sciences: Management related forms and procedures

State of Maryland Comptroller’s Office: Main form achieve of the State of Maryland Comptroller’s Office: MD/VA/DC W4, Moving Expenses, Direct Deposit, other

U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS): Topical Index to Forms, Instructions and Publications

UMD Office of Research (ORAA): Main form archive of the Office of Research: Proposal Routing Form, Advanced Account Number Authorization (AANA) form

UMD Office of Research (ORAA), Federal: Federal form archive of the UMD Office of Research:

Grants.Gov: Grants.Gov Forms Repository

UMD International Education Services (IES): Main form achieve for UMD International Education Services: Inclues DS-2019, H1B1, Early Termination, other

US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS): Main form repository for USCIS: I-129, I-9, other


Furlough Leave Information: UMD FY2015 Furlough information and guidelines.

Emergency Preparedness and Management:University of Maryland Emergency Plans

Grants.Gov: Provides a unified site for interaction between grant applicants and the US Federal agencies that manage grant funds.

NSF FastLane: FastLane is an interactive real-time system used to conduct NSF business over the Internet.

Office of Research Administration and Advancement (ORAA): ORAA identifies research opportunities and partnerships, facilitates the submission of all sponsored projects proposals on behalf of the University

Travisa: Expedited Passport and VISA processing agency

UMD International Education Services (IES): Assists in the process of applying to Maryland from international locales, both in terms of handling visa and fulfilling reporting requirements.

University of Maryland Travel Agencies: The University of Maryland, College Park contracts with professional travel agencies that provide an array of travel services, including airline tickets, car rental reservations, and hotel reservations.

New Staff Member Account Set-up: Set-up/manage university accounts, including employee Directory Account and Enterprise Email.

Directory Services: Campus faculty, staff and students contact information.

Office of Information Technology: Main web-site of OIT; Links to Enterprise Mcafee VirusScan anti-virus software & Cisco VPN Client.

Administrative Resource Enterprise Services (ARES): Main Administrative System / portal for UMD.

Office of Human Resources: Healthcare / Retirement Benefit Info and Management.

PHR Time Entry Menu: Time Entry / Faculty Leave Reporting.

FAR – OPA: Faculty Activity Report (FAR) and Outside Professional Activity (OPA)