ESSIC / CICS Contributions in the new AMS “State of the Climate in 2017”

The American Meteorological Society just released their annual State of the Climate report as a supplement to the August issue of the Bulletin of AMS.  Five ESSIC / CICS-MD scientists wrote sections of the report:

Jim Reagan (NCEI) provided an annual summary of the subsurface seawater salinity as well as the introductory section on Salinity in the Global Oceans chapter.

Robert Adler (NCEI) co-authored the precipitation subsection for the Hydrological Cycle section in the Global Climate Chapter.

Sinead Farrell (STAR/SOCD/LSA) worked on the Sea Ice Cover section in the chapter on the Arctic.

Jeannette Wild (NWS/NCEP/CPC) co-authored the subsection on Stratospheric Ozone, part of the Atmospheric Composition section in the Global Climate chapter.

Jacqueline de la Cour, Erick Geiger, and Gang Liu (STAR/SOCD/CRW) contributed a special sidebar on the unprecedented three years of global coral bleaching from 2014 to 2017. Additional contributors included CICS Consortium Scientists William Skirving, Benjamin Marsh, and Scott Heron (ReefSense).

To read the report, click here: “State of the Climate in 2017”.