ESSIC/CISESS Participation at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly

From April 14-19, several ESSIC and CISESS scientists traveled to Vienna, Austria to participate in the European Geosciences Union General Assembly. See the presentations below. Names of ESSIC scientists are bolded.


Poster presentations

  • Alexey Mishonov, Dan Seidov, and James Reagan, “Multidecadal Variability of Ocean Climate and Circulation of the North Atlantic Ocean”,
  • David Tobin, Joe Taylor, Larrabee Strow, Hank Revercomb, Graeme Martin, Sergio DeSouza-Machado, Jess Braun, Daniel DeSlover, Ray Garcia, Michelle Loveless, Robert Knuteson, Howard Motteler, Greg Quin, and William Roberts, “The Cross-track Infrared Sounder Level 1B Product: NASA’s Accurate and Stable Infrared Hyperspectral Radiance Record”,
  • Chantelle Burton, Stephen Plummer, Noah Liguori-Bills, Morgane Perron, Douglas Kelley, Miriam Morrill, Boris Vannière, Joanne Hall, Stijn Hantson, Matthias Forkel, Christoph Völker, Kebonye Dintwe, Cristina Santin, Jessie Thoreson, Benjamin Poulter, Matthew Jones, and Douglas Hamilton, “The FLARE Workshop perspective on Fire’s Role in the Carbon Cycle”,
  • Noah Liguori-Bills, Morgane Perron, Stephen Plummer, Christoph Voelker, Boris Vannière, Joanne Hall, Matthias Forkel, Kebonye Dintwe, Cristina Santin, Miriam Morrill, Jessie Thoreson, Benjamin Poulter, Matthew Jones, Douglas Kelley, Chantelle Burton, Stijn Hantson, and Douglas Hamilton, “The FLARE Workshop’s Future Directions for Defining Extreme Fire”,


Oral presentations

  • Guido van der Werf, James Randerson, Dave van Wees, Yang Chen, Roland Vernooij, Louis Giglio, Joanne Hall, Douglas Morton, Kelley Barsanti and Bob Yokelson, “Burned area and fire emissions according to the fifth version of the Global Fire Emissions Database (GFED)”,
  • Otmar Olsina, Jennifer Hewson, Diane Davies, Asen Radov, Brad Quayle, Louis Giglio, and Joanne Hall, “NASA’s FIRMS: Enabling the Use of Earth System Science Data for Wildfire Management”,
  • Kyle Duncan and Sinead Farrell, “Annual Cycle of Antarctic Sea Ice Deformation from ICESat-2”,
  • Sinead L. Farrell, Reint Fischer, Kyle Duncan, Donghui Yi, John M. Kuhn, Eric Leuliette, and Laurence Connor, “Early Assessment of SWOT’s Swath-mapping Capabilities over Arctic Sea Ice”,
  • Joseph Knisely, Jonathan Poterjoy, Elizabeth Satterfield, and William Campbell, “Scalable Bias Correction Techniques Investigated with a Low-dimensional Dynamical Model”,
  • Satya Kalluri and Changyong Cao, “Calibration and Validation of Low Earth Orbit Observations from NOAA to Support Global Environmental Monitoring”,