ESSIC/CISESS Scientists Contribute to New Book on Satellite Precipitation Measurement

Several ESSIC/CISESS scientists have contributed to a new e-book published by Springer titled “Satellite Precipitation Measurement”.


The book is advertised as a complete overview of precipitation measurement from space meant for meteorologists, hydrologists, climatologists, water management authorities, students, and anyone interested in satellite precipitation data sets. In particular, it discusses the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM), the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission, CloudSat, and the International Precipitation Working Group (IPWG).


ESSIC/CISESS scientists who authored chapters are as follows:


  • Ralph Ferraro, Chapter 4: Microwave Sensors, Imagers and Sounders; Chapter 17: A 1DVAR-Based Snowfall Rate Algorithm for Passive Microwave Radiometry; Chapter 44: Hailfall Detection.


  • Huan Meng and Cezar Kongoli, Chapter 17: A 1DVAR-Based Snowfall Rate Algorithm for Passive Microwave Radiometry


  • Christopher Grassotti, Chapter 9: Precipitation Estimation from the Microwave Intergrated Retrieval System (MiRS)


  • Oliver Prat (North Carolina), Chapter 40: Satellite Precipitation Measurement and Extreme Rainfall


  • Erin Jones, Chapter 48: Assimilation of Precipitation Observations from Space into Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP)


  • Eugenia Kalnay, Chapter 49: Precipitation Ensemble Data Assimilation in NWP Models.

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