Busalacchi Featured In AlJazeera Report

ESSIC Director Antonio Busalacchi was featured in a new report by AlJazeera News on Researching Climate Change in the United States. Busalacchi discussed the impact of the earth's warming temperatures coupled with the increase in notable climate events. "There's no doubt about the background claim that around the world it's warming," said Busalacchi. "On top of that warming trend, we're going to have extreme events, and the two are actually conflated together."

The video report, which has nearly a thousand views thus far, also features a brief lead-in segment which captures Professors Xin-Zhong Liang and Steve Halperin in discussion at the M-Square Research Park.

The AlJazeera report touched on other national climate related events, including the record breaking drought the Midwestern United States experienced this summer.  Laurie Johnson, a member of the Natural resources Defense Council, was interviewed in the video as well and estimated that about half of the nation's GDP will be lost this year due to the drought.

"Efforts to enact a national climate policy remain stagnant," Aljazeera's Rob Reynolds said. "The science, economics, and politics of global warming are complicated. But one conclusion is simple. If we just keep doing what we are doing now, it is likely only to get worse."

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