ESSIC hosts meeting on Cryospheric Research

Over 35 UMD, NOAA, and NASA scientists, met at the M-Square Research Park Friday, January 18, 2013, to discuss current and emerging cryospheric research opportunities.

The word “cryosphere,” which comes from the Greek word for cold, pertains to the frozen areas of the earth.

The meeting, which included a number of cryospheric presentations and discussion topics, was organized by ESSIC Assistant Research Scientist Sinead Farrell, a member of both NASA’s Operation IceBridge Science and ICESat-2 Science Definition Teams.

In his post-meeting comments, ESSIC Director Antonio Busalacchi thanked Farrell for her meeting leadership and stated how impressed he was by the breadth and depth of the cryospheric activities being conducted at ESSIC.  “I can say with confidence that our colleagues at NASA and NOAA came away with a similar impression,” stated Busalacchi.

Busalacchi also expressed interest in hosting similar forums for other research areas of interest.  “Given how well today’s meeting was received, we will likely proceed with similar meetings for other topics/affinity groups within ESSIC that are of mutual interest to our government colleagues and partners.”