ESSIC hosts three science meetings in one week

ESSIC hosted three meetings at the end of January: NASA-ESA Snow On Sea Ice (NESOSI), Program on Arctic Regional Climate Assessment (PARCA) and Operation IceBridge (OIB). 
The first Annual NESOSI meeting was held at ESSIC on Jan. 23. Both NASA and ESA collect snow on sea ice measurements and work to produce an accurate Arctic-wide snow pack for obtaining Arctic sea ice thickness and volume. The main goal of this meeting was to share progress on modeling snow on sea ice thus far, address uncertainties, discuss current and future observations, which will be particularly useful for improving snow processes in modeling the snow pack, and discuss how to best collaborate with ESA. 
More than 100 people attended the 23rd Annual Program on Arctic Regional Climate Assessment (PARCA) meeting at ESSIC on Jan. 23.  The meeting, which is focused on understanding an evolving Greenland Ice Sheet, included about 20 oral presentations and more than 25 poster presentations. 
The Operation IceBridge annual meeting brought together members of the IceBridge science and instrument communities to engage in project discussions and planning as well as present science results from the past year.