ESSIC scientist presents at elementary school career day

Wilfrid Schroeder, an assistant research scientist with ESSIC, spoke to Greenbelt Elementary School students about earth sciences during the school’s annual career day on May 23.

Schroeder used the popular Magic Planet, which lights up to reflect changes in the global climate, to complement information from PowerPoint slides and serve as a visual representation of the presentation.

Schroeder presented to four classes of students, and said that it was a “big success.”

“They were very, very excited about it, especially the Magic Planet,” Schroeder said. “It’s important to have outreach in the community – kids get very excited when you expose this kind of material to them.”

Lynne Maydag, a first grade teacher at the school, agreed and said that Schroeder had the complete attention of the students.

“They were excited to learn about their earth and were stimulated to ask questions I thought were beyond their years,” she said. “The children have taken a renewed interest in our class globe, maps and science activities, along with the weather and what happens to our earth.  I wish all children could experience Mr. Schroeder and his technology.”

This is the second consecutive year that Schroeder presented at the school’s career day. While he did not rule out presenting at other schools, he said that he presents at Greenbelt because it is a way to stay connected to his neighborhood school.

“The children have continued to talk about Mr. Shroeder and his amazing globe,” Maydag said. “The technology he used was unparalleled to anything the children have ever experienced.”