ESSIC scientists participate in AMS Meeting

The 92nd Annual Meeting of the American Meteorological Society met from January 22 to 26 in New Orleans.

This year’s meeting gave attendees and presenters alike the opportunity to experience presentations, posters and symposiums on a variety of topics, including developments in air, climate and water models, as well as the chance to experience some of the attractions and culture that New Orleans had to offer.

Not only did the meeting feature presentations, but it also had a career fair aspect. Those students and professionals attending the meeting could also explore potential educational or job opportunities and have the chance to speak to representatives from a number of different organizations.

According to the official page for the meeting, the theme of this year’s was “technology and its profound impacts on research, operations, the business of our environmental sciences, and the public.”

Advances in technology in recent years have played a major role in environmental and climate models as well as on enhancing human life and livelihood. For those involved with ESSIC, the impacts that technology has had on climate and weather are important factors in their work.

This year’s meeting boasted major involvement from researchers, faculty and students affiliated with ESSIC, with 30 people actually attending the conference.

Andy Negri, ESSIC Assistant Director, said that one of the major goals for ESSIC researchers was just to raise awareness of those at the meeting about the organization and what it does. In order to do this, they used their Magic Planet interactive globe to attract observers to their display.

“Mostly we were trying to tell them about our relationship with NOAA and Goddard Space Center,” said Negri. “My idea was to raise awareness about weather, climate change and Chesapeake Bay, and the Magic Planet was a nice way to hook them in.”

The meeting attracted thousands of attendees, so Negri said that it was hard to tell if anyone in particular stood out because there were so many things to see, but he said that there was a large variety of presentations, papers and posters.

Phil Arkin, ESSIC Deputy Director and CICS Executive Director, said that a main purpose of the meeting hinges on the business component of the council, as well as the posters, presentations, talks, and career fair.

There were a lot of interesting sessions, said Arkin, who also said that he knew or recognized many of the people giving presentations.

“A significant factor is that a lot of friends attend that meeting, people I’ve known for 30 or 40 years,” said Arkin. “So, one of the reasons I go is to see them.”

Overall, the AMS meeting was a great way for students and researchers from around the country and around the world to interact and discuss key advancements and developments in their field.

The week long event even featured a reception held at the vacation home of ESSIC’s very own Director Tony Busalacchi in the French Quarter of New Orleans.