ESSIC/CICS Scientists Travel to Italy for Satellite Observation Meeting

Last week was the annual meeting of the Global Space-based Inter-Calibration System (GSICS), an international collaborative effort to monitor, improve, and harmonize observations from the Global Observing System weather and environmental satellites.

The meeting, held in Frascati, Italy, included a “Mini-Conference” on calibration activities outside of GSICS as well as reports, briefs, and discussions on the GSICS Research Working Group, GSICS Data management Working Group, and GSICS Coordination Centre.

In-person attendees included ESSIC/CICS Senior Faculty Specialist Manik Bali and Visiting Associate Research Scientist Fangfang Wu; Isaac Moradi, Rachael Kroodsma, and Ralph Ferraro (SCSB) participated remotely.

To learn more about this international conference, click here to see the GSICS Annual Meeting website.