ESSIC’s Ramanathan and Mao attend Workshop in Japan

Work by Anand Ramanathan and Jianping Mao of ESSIC as part of the NASA
Goddard CO2 Sounder lidar instrument team was presented at the 12th
International Workshop for Greenhouse Gas Measurements from Space
(IWGGMS), held in Kyoto, Japan from June 7-9. Highlights including results
from the recent NASA ASCENDS airborne campaign in California and Nevada
which showed 3x higher precision in column CO2 measurements, simultaneous
column water vapor measurements, and the potential of lidar cloud top
measurements from space made a strong case for the CO2 Sounder instrument
to be an important part of the next generation CO2 remote sensing from
Oral Presentation –
"Advances in Pulsed Lidar Measurements of CO2 Column Concentrations in
Airborne Campaigns and for Space,² James Abshire (690), Anand Ramanathan,
Jianping Mao.
Posters – 
"CO2 Sounder lidar multi-wavelength approach: Retrievals for airborne and
space measurements, column water vapor measurements,² by Anand Ramanathan
(694/ESSIC) et al.
"Airborne Lidar Measurements of Atmospheric Column CO2 Concentration to
Cloud Tops during ASCENDS Science Campaigns,² by Jianping Mao (694/ESSIC)
et al.