Ferraro Joins PTK Working Group

Ralph FerraroESSIC Associate Director Ralph Ferraro is a member of the new Professional Track (PTK) Working Group, a committee composed of PTK and Tenure Track (TTK) faculty, staff and administrators on behalf of Provost Jennifer King Rice to review and assess current issues related to PTK faculty. The goal of the Working Group is to develop a report of recommendations to Provost Rice on PTK issues.


During the 2022-2023 Academic Year, the Working Group will engage in such matters as:


    • Reviewing current PTK faculty titles and designations;
    • Reviewing campus-level PTK promotion procedures and guidelines;
    • Advising and formulating recommendations for a University policy on instructional PTK faculty workload;
    • Reviewing current PTK contracts and contract terms; and
    • Identifying gaps in existing PTK faculty policies and procedures that may require additional University policy and guideline development and/or modification