Gasso Participates in Remote Sensing International Workshop

Santiago Gasso poses in front of a blurred landscape

On December 1 -3, two members of code 613 participated in an international workshop hosted by the European agency Eumesat and the SOLAS project:  “Remote Sensing for Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions Studies and Applications Workshop”. The meeting had an assortment of presentations and discussion panels as well as demonstration of the web and cloud interfaces available for data discovery. Santiago Gassó (ESSIC) participated as one the science organizing committee members, as a panelist and convener.


In addition to his role at ESSIC, Gassó is also a research associate at NASA Goddard. He specializes in observational studies of aerosols, clouds, and their interactions using a combination of satellite detectors. He has published several journal articles on the subject of dust transport at high latitudes as characterized by satellite, model, and surface observations.