Gasso Reappointed to SOLAS

Santiago Gasso poses in front of a blurred landscape ESSIC Associate Research Scientist Santiago Gassó was reappointed as a member of the Scientific Steering Committee of the Surface Ocean – Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS)  for another 3-years term. 


SOLAS is an international research initiative sponsored by Future Earth,  iCACGP, WRCP  and it aims to understand the key biogeochemical-physical interactions and feedbacks between the ocean and atmosphere. It facilitates networking, organizes workshops and capacity training for students and researchers in all matters regarding processes understanding at atmosphere-ocean interface.


In addition to his role at ESSIC, Gassó is also a research associate at NASA Goddard. He specializes in observational studies of aerosols, clouds, and their interactions using a combination of satellite detectors. He has published several journal articles on the subject of dust transport at high latitudes as characterized by satellite, model, and surface observations.


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