GOES-R Series Book Features Chapters by ESSIC/CISESS Scientists

Early last month, the publishing company Elsevier released a new book titled The GOES-R Series: A New Generation of Geostationary Environmental Satellites. The book introduced the GOES-R series, geostationary operational environmental satellites described by the author as “the most significant advance in weather technology in a generation”.

ESSIC/CISESS Visiting Assistant Research Scientist Scott Rudlosky was the lead author on “Chapter 16: Lightning Detection: GOES-R Series Geostationary Lightning Mapper” alongside Steve Goodman and Katrina Virts.  The Geostationary Lightning Mapper (GLM) is the first of four instruments in the GOES-R Series that will observe lightning throughout much of the Western Hemisphere through 2036.

Peng Yu, also a ESSIC/CISESS Assistant Research Scientist, wrote “Chapter 12: Land Surface Temperature Product from the GOES-R Series” alongside Yunyue Yu.  Land surface temperature (LST) is produced as one of the baseline products from the GOES-R mission, and is an an essential climate variable required by the Global Climate Observing System of the World Meteorological Organization.

For more information or to order the book, click here. To see the abstracts of each chapter, click here.