Guardian Safety App

UMD Guardian App

The UMD specific Rave Guardian is a mobile app that increases safety on campus. The app has several features and is associated to the individual through their main UMD e-mail. The app provides a direct link to the office of public safety.


Panic Button – ties directly to UMD police and provides the users profile information and GPS location.

Tip Texting – allows 2 way tip reporting with or without revealing the users personal information.

Safety Profile – If an emergency situation arises, the personal profile including disclosed medical conditions is displayed to campus safety and Smart911 enabled centers nationwide.

Personal Guardian & Safety Timer – Users can set a safety timer and identify a friend, colleague or Campus Police to be alerted if the timer expires.  This app is useful for those who are in situations where they are alone in a building, parking lot, walking, biking, etc. Friends can check a person’s progress through the app. If the timer expires an alert is sent. In the case of Campus Police, the police will try and contact the user electronically or with an officer to check on their safety.


The app is free for UMD but can only be used on 1 primary device attached to the assigned UMD account.

Install the Rave Guardian app from the google play store or Apple app store.



MM  5/12/2106