In Germany, Busalacchi speaks on climate change in the Atlantic

University of Maryland professor Antonio Busalacchi, Director of ESSIC and Chair of ConE, traveled to Hamburg, Germany in late September to deliver a keynote address at a joint conference between two European research organizations.

His presentation on “North Atlantic Climate Variability” was seen by a crowd of scientists from EU-Thor and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (translation: Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung – BMBF for short) Scientists from both organizations gathered at the conference to discuss current and future challenges in assessing Atlantic climate variability.

Launched in 2008, EU-THOR, short for “Thermohaline overturning – at risk?” is a European Union funded research project aiming to analyze and understand the North Atlantic Thermohaline Circulation system in today’s changing climate.

Under the direction of the University of Hamburg, the EU-THOR has brought together 20 schools of higher education spanning across 9 European countries to collaborate and assess the influence of the oceans, specifically thermohaline circulation, on the earth’s climate.

The second organization present, BMBF North Atlantic, is another program working under the University of Hamburg working to detect the energy transportation systems and CO2 emission exhanges between the Atlantic.

Click here to review the conference agenda: North Atlantic Climate Variablity: First Circular