Jacqueline De La Cour Featured Among 54 Women Space Leaders

ESSIC/CISESS Senior Faculty Specialist and NOAA Coral Reef Watch (CRW) Operations Manager, Jacqueline De La Cour, was among 54 women space leaders chosen for a Space.com article celebrating Women’s History Month. 


De La Cour was asked to provide general thoughts about her career journey or an inspirational message to help motivate current and future generations of women to overcome challenges and adversity to succeed in the sciences. Ms. De La Cour noted the following, to honor the extraordinary women scientists, who came before her and with whom she currently works:


This month, like every month, I wish to acknowledge and honor the exceptional women I work alongside in the fields of coral reef conservation, oceanography, and satellites, and the countless women who came before me, who dedicated themselves and their work to improving the quality of life for our children and society. Their hard work, inner strength, compassion, diligence, passion, perseverance, resilience, and support of one another, led to some of the most incredible scientific and medical discoveries of all time, and paved the way for female scientists like me to have the education and careers we now have. My sincere thanks to all women around the world, who, like me, work tirelessly to overcome obstacles in our paths, so we can create a sustainable and promising future for our children.


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