Kaushal selected for CMNS junior faculty award

The University of Maryland’s College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences Board of Visitors selected Sujay Kaushal, an assistant professor for ESSIC and the university’s Department of Geology, as a recipient of its junior faculty award Tuesday.

According to the Department of Geology, the award includes a plaque and $2,500 in prize money, which is donated by the board members that make the selection.

Kaushal said that his work at ESSIC has focused on two major themes: effects of land use and climate change on water and biogeochemical cycles, and evaluation of sustainable watershed restoration strategies.  Analysis of stream and river chemistry can provide important clues regarding identification of the sources and transformations of pollution in watersheds, he said.

“He has considerable expertise that touches upon key aspects of water quality, quantity, and availability from global to regional scales including our own Chesapeake Bay, which serves as a microcosm of the varied and multiple stressors on water resources,” ESSIC Director Antonio Busalacchi said.  “As such, his work epitomizes the Earth System perspective that is central to ESSIC.”

“I was thrilled to learn of this most desired recognition for Professor Kaushal,” he added.

Kaushal was also selected as a recipient of the International Recognition of Professional Excellence on June 26. That story is available here.

Kaushal provided this report, entitled “Tracking Nonpoint Source Pollution in Human-Impacted Watersheds,” as an example of his work, which likely helped make a case for his selection for the CMNS award.

“I’m deeply honored to be a recipient of the award, and I appreciate the support of my colleagues in geology and ESSIC,” Kaushal said.