Kuser Olsen Talks Human Ecology at Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting

A group photo of Beth Kuser-Olsen and others as they clean up a forest

Last week, ESSIC Visiting Assistant Research Scientist V Beth Kuser Olsen gave an invited talk at the 2020 Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of America (ESA).  In addition to her research with ESSIC, Olsen is Chair of the Human Ecology Section of the ESA.


In the talk, titled “Human Ecology”, Olsen spoke about human ecologists that connect their ecological research to the needs of local communities.  In the presentation, Olsen featured two of her ESSIC projects, “Societal Benefits of Engineering With Nature®” and “Development of a Community Guide to Assessing Non-Tidal Flood Impacts in Maryland.”


The pre-recorded presentation is available to all registered for the 2020 ESA Annual Meeting within the Inspire Oral Session, INS 3 – Addressing the Challenges of Ecology’s Human Dimensions: The Human Dimensions Collaborative.


Kuser Olsen’s research centers around innovative modeling for flood risk communication.  Her research interests include developing computer-assisted decision support systems for anticipating future flood risk due to sea level rise and measuring effectiveness of geo-spatial computer models as tools in assessment of flood hazard risk.


More information about the ESA Human Ecology Section and up-coming events at the ESA 2020 virtual Annual Meeting can be found at www.esa.org/human-ecology.