Li and Harrigan receive ESSIC End of the Year Awards

At this year’s AOSC/Geology/ESSIC annual holiday party, two members of the ESSIC staff received end of the year awards as voted by their colleagues.  Can Li received the award for “Outstanding Research Paper of 2010” and Iris Harrigan received the award for “ESSIC Administrative Employee of 2011.”

The administrative employee of the year award recognizes excellent administrative work done by a member of ESSIC staff this past year and the important role he or she has in conducting the day-to-day business of the center.

Iris Harrigan received $1,000 in recognition of her excellent support to the ESSIC business office, specifically her superb handling of ESSIC and CICS proposals and the outstanding professionalism she displays in dealing with ESSIC researchers and constituents at large.

Nominations for the award came from employees within ESSIC, which were then reviewed by last year’s winners Andrew Negri and Jean La Fonta.  The decision was made based on employee excellence in services to faculty, staff and other constituents, excellent work ethics, and initiatives to improve effectiveness and efficiencies at ESSIC.

After receiving the award, Harrigan sent a thank you note to her colleagues.

“I very much enjoy working with ESSIC PI’s, they are very appreciative of the added support that the business office provides and I am also blessed to work with a great team within the business office,” Harrigan said.

Harrigan accepted her award for ESSIC Administrative Employee of 2011 from ESSIC Deputy Director Phil Arkin and Assistant Director Andy Negri at the holiday party.

The outstanding research paper award recognizes excellent research work implemented by ESSIC research faculty and scientists, and the important role they have in the Center’s success in the earth system scientific arena.

Can Li received $1,000 as lead author research scientist for recognition of his publication entitled, “Recent large reduction in sulfur dioxide emissions from Chinese power plants observed by the Ozone Monitoring Instrument.” The paper was selected based on its impact, analysis, content, and relevance to the ESSIC mission.

can li

Li accepted his award for Outstanding Research Paper of 2010 from Arkin and Negri at the holiday party.

Nominations for the award also came from ESSIC employees, which were then reviewed by last year’s winner Dr. Ronghua Zhang, Michael Evans, and Ross Salawitch.

Congratulations to the winners of both of these outstanding awards.