Local Eats: College Park Grill

Local Eats: College Park Grill

By: Maureen C. Cribb

Okay, yet another hotel+restaurant has opened along Route 1. The Cambria aims to fill the price point between your Holiday Inn type place and The Hotel UMD “luxury”-type place. The College Park Grill is at street level in the Cambria. Maybe I should call it Burtons Bar and Grill #2. Different owners/general menus, but the look/vibe is pretty much the same … darkish décor, going for the upscale thing, background jazz music. What’s novel about CPG is that every evening at 6pm, there’s live jazz (yuck, jazz, but that’s just me). Curious to see how that goes down sound-wise, given that the place is sorta crammed with seating and not super spacious. May or may not be difficult to carry on a conversation with eating companions.

Can’t say much about the food just yet. Had a sauvignon blanc at the bar (decent price) and a side of garlic spinach&mushrooms – but where was the garlic? I see I’ll have to bring my own supply of garlic to zip things up next time I order the stuff. Anyway, it’s a new place to check out, so check it out.

Parking: free parking behind the Cambria Hotel

2.5/5 forks for an okay first impression


8321 Baltimore Ave