Local Eats: Rasoi

Local Eats: Rasoi

By: Maureen C. Cribb

The smell of chlorine will first hit you as you enter the Clarion Inn. No worries, though … as soon as you enter Rasoi, the scent of Indian food will clear your nose. There was always some sort of dumpy restaurant in that hotel … EJ's Seafood, Asian Fusion. The owners of the latter have decided to redesign the space into a more upscale restaurant … enter Rasoi. They're still working on improving the decor, ambiance, service, etc., but I liked the food. I went with a couple of friends (who happen to come from the same village area in southern India as the guy who waited on us) and they liked the food, too. Not Rasika excellent, but decent enough, in their opinion.

They do a lunch buffet ($9.99 on weekdays) and some sort of happy hour thing (note that their bar is not fully stocked yet). Dinner prices are on par with other dinner prices from area, i.e., Langley Park, Indian restaurants. Lots of parking available at the hotel. I'll be back next time I need a fix of butter chicken. I give it 3.5/5 forks.

8601 Baltimore Avenue
College Park, MD