Local eats: review of Bagel Place

Local eats: review of Bagel Place

By: Maureen C. Cribb

I know, I know, it’s a College Park landmark. Shocking, but I’ve lived in CP for over a decade, passed by this place on the bus/biked by it *countless* times, and never stopped to eat at the Bagel Place! Never ever. Ever. Ever, ever. :>

Had lunch there today and liked it – they have soup. That’s all I need for a quick lunch … a decent soup (had the lentil+orzo concoction today). The place was much bigger than I imagined – lots (but not Sakura Buffet “lots”) of room. If you’re into coffee, they have a decent-looking espresso counter, too. Reasonable prices (a small soup for $1.85, toasted bagel with scallion cream cheese for ~$3.00 … a more fancy “chicken melt” bagel for ~$6.00) … clean enough, busy but not super loud in volume. Metered parking along that little strip mall or park at the Ledo’s parking garage and walk over a block.

Casual and quick .. I give it 3.4 (of 5) forks.



The Bagel Place

7423 Baltimore Avenue

College Park, MD