Loftus presents-participates at 7-SEAS workshop

ESSIC research associate Adrian Loftus participated in the Seven South East Asian Studies (7-SEAS) northern region workshop held October 7-10 at the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology Institute of Geophysics in Hanoi, Vietnam.  Researchers from Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and the USA presented analyses and results from recent 7-SEAS/BASELInE (Biomass-burning Aerosols & Stratocumulus Environment: Lifecycles & Interactions Experiment) campaigns (2013-2015) and proposed ideas for future activities in the framework of the 7-SEAS project.  

Loftus gave a talk entitled 'Combined Observational and Modeling Efforts to Better Understand aerosol-cloud-precipitation interactions over land: Preliminary Results from 7-SEAS/BASELInE 2013.'  He also participated in discussions regarding plans and recommendations for observational activities in future 7-SEAS campaigns in collaboration with international partners that best aid studies of biomass-burning aerosol impacts on local and regional weather and climate.