Milani Teaches Earth Science Abroad

This month, the 2023 Global Precipitation Measurement Mission (GPM) Mentorship program comes to an end. The project, coordinated by ESSIC Assistant Research Scientist Lisa Milani with the help of colleagues Andrea Portier and Vasco Mantas, involved ten Italian teachers from four different schools. The effort included three lectures about “the Water Cycle”, “Weather and Climate” and “GPM products and applications” and targeted middle- and high-school teachers aiming to apply outreach material in the classroom context. After the three lectures, the teachers involved their students in a practical project applying language, programming and science contents and skills.


Now, Milani and her colleagues are expanding the GPM STEM-related outreach materials and develop materials in other languages besides English. The program will start a new cycle next October.


See below for a gallery of Lisa Milani with some of the teachers involved in the project. Pictured are students analyzing precipitation trends and comparing precipitation measured with their rain gauge against GPM IMERGE data. The weather instruments were made by middle school students as part of the project (barometer, thermometer, anemometer and pluviometer).