Mishonov Presents World Ocean Database 2023

Last month, Alexey Mishonov participated in the International Conference on Marine Data and Information Systems (IMDIS24), held in Bergen, Norway. 


Mishonov spoke about the newest release of the World Ocean Database 2023 (WOD23) and the World Ocean Atlas (WOA23), which have been recently published by the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI/NOAA). The updated WOD23 contains all in-situ ocean profiles assembled and processed by the Ocean Climate Laboratory team at the NOAA/NCEI through December 2022. This includes all Argo measurements, with quality control as of April 1, 2023. Additionally, WOD23 contains updated quality control flags based on the quality improvements made during the construction of the WOA23. WOD23 includes about 2 million new profiles when compared to the WOD18 and continues to be the world’s most extensive collection of ocean profile data, which is updated four times per year and available without restriction.


Mishonov has been presenting WOD/WOA on behalf of NCEI/NOAA Ocean Climate Lab and ESSIC/UMD at several IMDIS Conferences from 2008 until now. It always attracts a wide interest from the international oceanographic data community.


Mishonov is a researcher with extensive experience in various fields of oceanography, including ocean color, water transmissivity and particulate organic carbon study, oceanographic data management, analysis, and climate research.


To access the IMDIS24 proceedings, click here.