Mishonov Presents World Ocean Database in 3D

Alexey Mishonov, ESSIC/CISESS Associate Research Scientist and NOAA Affiliate, participated in the 2021 International Conference on Marine Data and Information Systems, held virtually this year between April 12-14. Mishonov presented a keynote talk titled, “World Ocean Database in 3D: Development, Dissemination, Deliverables”, which discussed the work started by Sydney Levitus in 1992 and being continuing up to now by the Ocean Climate Lab/NCEI/NOAA team. 


Watch the talk here:

Mishonov is a researcher with extensive experience in various fields of oceanography, including ocean color, water transmissivity and particulate organic carbon study, oceanographic data management, analysis, and climate research.


To learn more about the project, click here: “World Ocean Database in 3D:Development, Dissemination, Deliverables”.