Moradi Appointed to AMS Radio Frequency Allocation Committee

Isaac Moradi smiles for the camera, wearing a red gridded button-up and a red tieIsaac Moradi, a research scientist and lead of the ESSIC numerical modeling and data assimilation affinity group, has been appointed as a member of the AMS Radio Frequency Allocation Committee, bringing invaluable expertise in microwave and radar observations and their role in weather predictions. The committee focuses on coordinating radio frequency spectrum management crucial to weather, water, and climate services. It serves a pivotal role in evaluating how spectrum policy changes might impact meteorological data collection and distribution. Moradi’s career, marked by advancements in data assimilation and numerical modeling through enhancing radiative transfer models, observations error analysis, improving the data assimilation systems for assimilating these observations, and developing advanced calibration techniques for satellite data, aligns seamlessly with the committee’s mission.


The committee’s primary objective is to navigate spectrum management challenges affecting meteorological services. It actively reviews government proceedings and policy proposals that could impact weather-related data delivery. Moradi’s extensive experience in improving weather prediction accuracy by fine-tuning microwave observations and leading innovative modeling techniques aligns with the committee’s goals of ensuring reliable and timely weather data for public safety and commerce.


With a keen focus on increasing awareness about spectrum management and forging partnerships to inform policymakers about radio frequency interference, the committee plays a crucial role in advocating for the preservation of essential meteorological data collection. Moradi’s appointment underlines the AMS’s commitment to leveraging diverse expertise to address spectrum challenges while safeguarding the integrity of weather-related services.