Moradi appointed associate editor of Geoscience Data Journal

The Geoscience Data Journal (GDJ) is an online-only platform where researchers across varied scientific disciplines can publish articles and entries about data sets, data services, and best practices for data publishing.

Before any article goes into the journal, however, it must pass through a series of peer reviewers. Also overseeing the journal and its entries is an editorial board.

Dr. Isaac Moradi, an assistant research scientist at the University of Maryland’s Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center (ESSIC), recently joined the board as an associate editor. Moradi has worked for years in the field of meteorology, with his main research interests being in solar radiation, microwave remote sensing and tropospheric humidity.

Moradi will serve as one of 17 total editors on GDJ’s editorial board. The journal is also produced by some heavy-hitters in the publishing and scientific communities, including Wiley and the Royal Meteorological Society.