Murtugudde co-authors recognized student paper


A paper co-authored by ESSIC/ASOC Prof. Raghu Murtugudde won best paper award at the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, India.

The student lead author (C.Sabeerali) of the paper received a cash prize of 10,000 Rupees ($200.00 US) and trophy for his efforts.

The paper focused on changes in the Indian Summer Monsoon withdrawal dates. As a result of climate change, trends in withdrawal dates, sea surface temperatures and the length of the rainy seasons have been altered.

The paper also examined what factors contributing to India’s monsoon season have changed. For example, before the 1976/1977 climate change, the Pacific Ocean and Arabian Sea greatly influenced the withdrawal dates and rainy season length, but now their impacts are negligible, and almost non-existent in terms of the Arabian Sea.

The paper can be viewed here