Murtugudde Honors students publish climate change articles

As part of the curriculum for UMD Honors Course 349G, “Big History: Earth, Life, and Sustainability,” students are asked to author articles that can effectively communicate climate change—within a human context–to the general public.

According to course instructor, ESSIC / AOSC Professor Raghu Murtugudde, two of the student-penned articles were deemed worthy of on-line publication in The Diamondback, University of Maryland’s campus newspaper.  Additional climate-themed articles from 349G students are expected to be published soon.

The first article, co-authored by Natalie Koltun and Elizabeth Lee, explores the role of religion in the battle with climate change. (

The second article, written by Nicki Kruppa, highlights the importance of thinking altruistically when confronting the issue of climate change. (