Murtugudde published on how universities can support society in sustainability efforts

A paper co-authored by ESSIC-AOSC professor Raghu Murtugudde was recently published in the July 2018 edition of Nature Sustainability.  The piece, titled “Bridging barriers to advance global sustainability”, is a discussion about how academic institutions can better support society’s efforts towards global sustainability.  The authors call for new structures of fostering knowledge that are integrated across disciplines and produced alongside non-academic stakeholders.  The article states, “Unless there is a commitment to change, academia will fail to deliver on the promise of a more sustainable world.”

Raghu Murtugudde is an ESSIC/AOSC scientist and professor as well as an affiliate professor for the Geology department at University of Maryland, College Park.  He works primarily in climate studies, exploring the co-evolution of life and climate and what it means for sustainability.  He also writes a blog hosted on the ESSIC website.

To read the full article available online for the month, click here: Bridging barriers to advance global sustainability.