Murtugudde Talks Balancing Food Demand and Climate Goals in Business Line

ESSIC / AOSC Professor Raghu Murtugudde recently authored a piece in The Hindu Business Line titled “Balancing Food Demand and Climate Goals”.

The piece is in response to a recent Oxford study suggesting that reducing meat consumption could curb carbon emissions, as animal products demand disproportionately high natural resources.

Murtugudde insists that cultural practices be kept in mind when considering this shift in diet, and that agricultural research should aim at sustainable and efficient food systems while also increasing resilience to climate change.

Raghu Murtugudde is an ESSIC / AOSC Professor and Affiliate Professor for the Department of Geology currently serving as a Visiting Professor in Bombay, India.  He works primarily in climate studies, exploring the co-evolution of life and climate and what it means for sustainability.  He also writes a blog hosted on the ESSIC website.

To read the article, click here: “Balancing food demand and climate goals”.