Patrick Meyers Wins GOES-R Outstanding Communications Award

This week, ESSIC / CICS-MD Senior Faculty Specialist Patrick Meyers was awarded the GOES-R Series Program Award for Outstanding Communication.

Recognized for his visualizations of Geostationary Lightning Mapper imagery, Meyers created the animations to support the NESDIS and GOES-R program as well as to draw new viewers to NESDIS social media.

In September, one of Meyers’ animations of Hurricane Florence made it to President Trump’s Twitter feed, garnering 2.05 million views, 12k retweets, and 54k likes.  Click here to read the ESSIC highlight covering this.

Meyers is an ESSIC / CICS-MD senior faculty specialist that works primarily with improving satellite rainfall retrievals for the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer 2 (AMSR2).  At ESSIC, he supports development of new GOES-R products at the CICS-MD Proving Ground and Training Center.

To see more of Meyers’ work, visit the CICS-MD website:

GLM and Hurricane Florence (9-14-18)

GLM and the Iowa Tornado (8-20-18)

3D View of Hurricane Irma Lightning (11-28-17)